Catholic Charity Appeal

“Faith and Good Works”

Your gift to the annual Catholic Charity Appeal helps to fund our 39 diocesan ministries that provide comfort and support to our sisters and brothers in Christ. Because of you and your unwavering generosity, the Diocese is able to:

  • Care for the Poor
  • Promote Peace and Justice
  • Feed the Hungry
  • Foster Discipleship
  • Help the Elderly
  • Embrace Our Diversity
  • Counsel Families
  • Shelter the Homeless
  •  Comfort the Sick
  • Bring Hope
  • Educate Our Youth
  • End Suffering
  • Strengthen Faith
  • Support Those With Disabilities
  • Spread the Gospel Message

Case Statement for the Catholic Charity Appeal

The Catholic Charity Appeal is the main source of support for our diocesan agencies providing for the physical, educational, and spiritual needs of Rhode Islanders each year.  It is our responsibility to ensure that these agencies and programs have the resources available to help our brothers and sisters in need.

Your gift matters. Thank you for your generosity.

God Bless You.